Make your website perform its best on all devices

Responsive Website Design
  • Responsive Design of a website displays in all types of browsers across the Globe, be it on smart phone, tablet, laptop, computer, and projector screen, you name it and you see your website there.
  • Responsive Website Design eases the viewing experience of any website in various types of web browsers.

What is responsive design?

Responsive Website Design fits, adapts and display any website onto different screens of various dimensions seamlessly. All your website contents including forms and menus, images, headers will fit into every kind of web browsers in whatever the digital mediums be - smart phones, tablets, ipads, ipods, laptop, desktop, projector screens, TV screens etc.

Why do we need responsive Website Design?

  • The responsive designed website gets auto adjusted to the viewer's screen size resolution without compromising on graphical displays and scrollbars.
  • In this modern era, people are always on the move and they are busy. Wherever they go, people access internet on their preferred digital devices at their convenience. Modern responsive websites fulfill the requirements and satisfies each of your website visitors automatically.
  • Responsive website design is compatible and displays the contents, forms, products and images accurately without distorting the look and feel of the design for each of your website visitor.
  • Responsive website design is a necessity now. Only one responsive design serves all your purpose.

Step by step workflow

Work Process
  • Strategy & Concept

    Strategy & Concept

  • Ctreative Designing

    Ctreative Designing

  • Development


  • Testing & Supporting

    Testing & Supporting

Why choose us

Benefits of responsive Website Design
  1. One website on different devices
  2. One design in different browsers
  3. One time content meets the goal
  4. Increased website visitors
  5. Uplifts Search Engine Rank
  6. Enhance your website's image display
  7. Cost effective and time saving
  8. One update reflects everywhere
  9. Website has a modern and updated look
  10. Generates more hits each day

Popular Screen Resolutions

Screen Size, Resolution, and Viewport
  • Mobile Portrait

    Mobile portrait (320x480)

  • Mobile Landscape

    Mobile landscape (480x320)

  • Phablet Portrait

    Phablet portrait(360x640)

  • Phablet Landscape

    Phablet landscape (640x360)

  • Tablet Portrait

    Tablet portrait(768x1024)

  • Tablet Landscape

    Tablet landscape (1024x768)

  • PC Browser

    PC Browser (1024 onwards)